Highland Park


1012 SW Trenton St.
Seattle, WA 98106



CDSA is pleased to be able to offer you preschool and school-age childcare on site at Highland Park Elementary.

National Accreditation (NAEYC)

CDSA at Highland Park has national accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Nan – Center Director


Nan has lived in West Seattle for over 25 years and is so happy to now be part of the Highland Park CDSA team!  Prior to coming to Highland Park as Director, she worked at Hawthorne CDSA as a lead teacher for 2 years.  It was hard to leave those children, but she was ready for some personal growth and ready to be back in to West Seattle, close to her 3 sons.

Before coming to CDSA she ran her own preschool program through West Seattle High School and later through Parks and Rec at Hiawatha Community Center in West Seattle.  She had 40 preschoolers enrolled in various half days.  Nan worked as owner, director and lead teacher of that program for 15 years. At the same time she ran her preschool she was also the Site Director for a school-age afterschool program at Lafayette Elementary School and a summer camp Director at Miller Community Center in the Central District.

Nan is a California girl who was transplanted to Tennessee during elementary school. After high school she moved to Memphis, Tennessee where she earned a BS degree in Education, with emphasis on Special Education and Social Work; soon after that she earned a MS degree in Education/Curriculum and Instruction.  Her plan was to be a Corporate Trainer in the business world; instead, she had 3 sons and became a stay-at-home mom.  After her work in preschool, Nan realized how much she loves early childhood education and has been working with kids ever since! Nan continues to work on improving her skills and continuing her education so that she can help support her awesome teaching team!